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  • I have to say that so far, this plugin rocks!
    justintadlock - on Your Members
    You guys have a great plugin and you're support is exceptional! Probably the best i've ever encountered for any code developer
    nomad76 - on Your Members

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Why doesn’t YM have Direct Credit Card Processing?

Tim discusses why Your Members doesn’t offer direct credit card payment gateways, sadly all down to basic economics.

Preview: Your Members API

Introducing the Your Members API a first glance at how you will be able to interact with Your Members from external third party application using this simple REST based system. This is a preview some feature subject to change.

Pay Per Post Packs Preview

When 1.5.0 launches it will include one of the most requested features for Your Members, packs!
What is a Pay Per Post Pack?
Put simply PPP Packs allow you to group a collection of posts and then charge for access to all of the posts in one transaction. They are different to subscriptions because a pack contains [...]

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