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Pay Per Post Packs Preview

May 27th, 2009 Posted in Featured

When 1.5.0 launches it will include one of the most requested features for Your Members, packs!

What is a Pay Per Post Pack?

Put simply PPP Packs allow you to group a collection of posts and then charge for access to all of the posts in one transaction. They are different to subscriptions because a pack contains a finite number of posts, packs can be purchased more then once, so a user can have access to multiple packs but only one subscription.

How does it work?

Much like our current pay per post system, stage one, select posts to be in a pack, and make them “purchasable” so toggle the hide ppp and tick purchasable option but don’t set a price. You can also associate a membership role if you want.

The in Access Control Settings -> Pay Per Post Packs

Your Members PPP screen

Create a new pack give it a name, description and a price.

Your Members PPP post management screen

click the posts button will allow you to associate purchasable posts with the pack, select the posts you want.

Your Members PPP settings and message screen

once saved you can generate a button, the easiest way is via a short code in a post (this generates a payment button) the short code is [ym_ppp_pack#1] where 1 is the pack number. You can change the way this button looks via Settings -> Messages.

That’s it ;)

When will you get to play

Your Members 1.5.0beta will be with Developers within a few minutes of me finnishing this post! so the best way to get hold of YM 1.5.0beta is to purchase a developer license (don’t forget if your a single license holder or a Your Minder owner we will refund the difference)

2 Responses to “Pay Per Post Packs Preview”

  1. John Wilker (1 comments.) Says:

    Just to clarify (pretty sure this is what I’m looking for, w00t!)

    i want to offer users a way to pay for access to a single or more possibly page/post on our site. This does that right?

    can it be single or only packs?

    Do they need to be a ‘member’ of the site or can do one off purchases?

    Looks good!

  2. Tim Says:

    This does that, a post can be bought individual post/page, as a pack or as part of a subscription. or any combination of the above.

    The user would need an account of somesort as otherwise you would have no easy way to maintain there access rights, however with some thought the process can be very easily streamlined you are in effect only asking for a name and email as part of the sales process.

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