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What is New for Your Members

December 3rd, 2010 Posted in News

Christmas is almost here, and the NewMedias team have been busily trying to get our last major push of the year out hopefully next week, so I thought I would tell you about some of the new features and what to expect in the new release.

New Navigation

It’s the time myself and Glenn dread we are going to have to go through and redo all the screenshots! Your Members has had a new interface design, all the screens are still there but now, the main menu, is part of the sidebar menu, and the sub pages are at the top. This should make things, cleaner and easier, we have also added a quick method to getting to the support forums!
New Your Members Navigation

The new menu system should make navigation easier, and because we no longer need to rely on sukerfish, reduce filesize and page load on the admin section!
To that end, we have removed the old NewMedias nav bar at the botto, very few people were using it, and by removing it we have once more increase page load speeds.

New Version Control

The version control which has sat on the front page, is now gone, replaced by a prompt which shows on all YM pages when a new version is available.

New Front Page

The front page has had a complete overhaul, to make it useful and functional, as you enter the front page, you are able to see sales, subscription, member information giving you quick access and visual references to your transaction log. Now you will be able to see quickly how sales are doing over the month, also we have reduced down the number of calls to our servers to just pulling the news feed, meaning the new front page will load quickly. One sad thing, the old logo has now gone, taken up with the graph instead.
New Front Page

Other new features

Ability to email, non reoccurring users, prior to their subscription running out, new internal cron manager, some interesting new drip features, host of new bits and pieces to Pay per Post. Dozens of bug fixes, a radical overhaul of the IPN for Paypal to stop those annoying multiple notifications.

Your Secure Stream

Before I forget don’t forget to check out Your Secure Stream for Your Members when next looking for video protection via Amazon s3.

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