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Wordcamp UK, Manchester, England

This weekend, Tim and Glenn (along with our newest recruit, Ape E.I. The Your Members’ Monkey) are attending WordCampUK in Manchester. Which means Sean has drawn the short straw and is the one captaining the ship.
Whilst Tim and Glenn have been on a mission to engage with Wordpress Pros and meet some of our customers, [...], New Pricing what’s going on!

Well we gone and done it, after threatening to we have gone and moved Your Members to a dedicated site, as of early this evening, people have been able to buy from and in a few hours time the shopping cart will be switched off here at NewMedias. For many people a huge sigh [...]

Your Members 1.7 Release!

We are pleased to announce the release of v1.7 of Your Members. The highlights include -

New Payment Gateways
Improved Membership Upselling
New Widget for Pack Upselling
Hidden Registration Fields
Viewable transaction Log
New Shortcodes
New PPP Widget
Improved YM Text Widget
Centralised Styling & Improved CSS Support
Improved plugin removal and re-licensing handling
Additional functions now available to payment plugin developers
Default CSV export filename now [...]

Statement on, WP-Members and Your Members

Import Note: This statement makes reference to WP-Members. In this context it refers to the product modified and marketed by based on the Your Members code, and is NOT to be confused with the product of the same name by SmartMediaPro.
It has come to our attention that the website and other similar [...]

Discount Sunday 50% off everything!

It’s Sunday let’s have some fun with 50% off all our products using the discount discountsunday yep that’s 50% off for just one day arn’t we generous.
That means
Single license Your Members – $25
Developer License of Your Members (includes Your Minder, Your Responder, Your Buy as well…) – $100
Your Minder – $12.50
Your CAPTCHA – $12.50
Please be [...]

Preview: Your Members API

Introducing the Your Members API a first glance at how you will be able to interact with Your Members from external third party application using this simple REST based system. This is a preview some feature subject to change.

Pay Per Post Packs Preview

When 1.5.0 launches it will include one of the most requested features for Your Members, packs!
What is a Pay Per Post Pack?
Put simply PPP Packs allow you to group a collection of posts and then charge for access to all of the posts in one transaction. They are different to subscriptions because a pack contains [...]

Million Dollar Membership sites – Free Your Members Developer Bonus

It’s been almost a month since we last gave our developer license holders of YM something new! We know its terrible so to rectify this we are giving all our Your Members developer license holders copy of the Million Dollar Membership sites mp3 course for free! Originally this retailed at $97 but it has dated [...]

Your Members 1.4.5 Released

oops talk about late but Your Members 1.4.5 was released last week, new features include:

Support for Clickbank!
New Thankyou page system to centralise new user registration (optional)
Hooks Galore
Redirect PPP back to the post on payment completition (only for paypal)
Wordpress 2.7 compatible
New Tags: no_access, user_has_access, user_type_is
Change wording on subscriptions

Your Members 1.4.5 is also our most [...]

Your Members 1.4.2 is Released

Primarily a bug fix Your Members 1.4.2 fixes several major bugs including:

PHP 4, Support – no parse error
YM-Index not found bug, in widgets
Custom Fields drag and drop not working in Google Chrome or Sefari
YM Index issues in Custom Fields
Security Bug fix, preventing non admins access to YM pages
Post Delay Fix
other minor bugs

Not many new features [...]