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Your CAPTCHA Adverts

Your Captcha adverts
Your Captcha adverts provides a simple method of monetizing your blogs and protecting from automated registrations and comment spam. Your captcha ads allows you to specify graphical adverts to be placed inside your forms along with a question related to the ad. For example “how many dollars does Your Members Single License cost?” the answer would be 50.
Your CAPTCHA Advert

What’s a captcha?

“Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart”
Are tests designed to fool computers normally by requiring user to type in something they see or hear, other examples of CAPTCHAs include logic puzzles that use language tricks for example “pear, apples, orange, plum” which of these fruits is also a colour?

Your CAPTCHA Advert

Provides a unique way to focus users attention on a specific advert or message. Since a user must look at the advert to complete the task it works as a reinforcement method and is ideal for passive advertising.

Accessibility of visual only puzzles

Your CAPTCHA Adverts provides the ability to provide alternate text and additional hints option allowing you to make your CAPTCHA available to all even those with images switched off.

Why is Your CAPTCHA Advert so Good?

For Blog Owners

  • Simple Admin Interface
  • No code changes
  • Multiple Adverts, each advert can have multiple captcha questions

For Plugin & Theme Developers

  • Works with standard Wordpress Hooks
  • Expandable Location aware functions
  • Easy to hook into any Wordpress form

Screens and Support

Installation and Activation

Upload Your CAPTCHA Advert folder (yca) to your plugin folder, login to your admin area then select plugins and Activate Your CAPTCHA Advert. In Wordpress 2.6 or earlier a Your CAPTCHA Advert will be added to the top bar, in Wordpress 2.7 or later the Your CAPTCHA Advert menu is located on the lower left handside navigation.

Add a CAPTCHA advert

To add an advert click “Adverts” followed by “Create new advert”
The new screen gives you the ability to add a title, a url should the user click the advert, upload an image or provide url, as well as alt text for the image.
Your CAPTCHA Advert adding new advert screen

Add new CAPTCHA Questions

To add questions go back to the “Adverts” Screen a list of available adverts is shown click the “questions” button to be taken to the question screen. Each question has a “question”, “answer”, and “hint” option.
Your CAPTCHA Advert question screen

Your CAPTCHA Advert Settings

Your CAPTCHA Advert settings page