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Your Members Wordpress Membership plugin

Your Members is a feature packed Membership Management Plugin allowing anyone to turn a Wordpress Blog into a fully functioning members site which can accept payments through Paypal.

Paypal Subscriptions

Your Members primary payment gateway is Paypal allowing you to set up both one off payments and Subscriptions using its flexible payment system.
Anybody who lives in a country which has access to Paypal can use it, allowing you to accept members from all over the world.

Clickbank Subscriptions

Your Members Secondary gateway allows you to process payments via Clickbank one of the biggest online market places.

WorldPay Subscriptions

People wishing to use a dedicated Credit Card Processor have the option of selecting Worldpay one of the leading digital merchant gateway providers on the web.

Flexible Role management

Your Members, allows you to define a near infinite number of roles which can be used to lock down content to specific role or roles allowing total flexibility.

Because Roles are an extension of Wordpress own user roles, any plugin designed to work for “subscribers” will work for members as well plus you get the piece of mind of the Wordpress standard user protection.

Alert third party scripts to new members

Whenever a person registers for a paid for account, the system is designed to allow you to call other applications such as Affiliate systems or Auto responders such as Aweber.

Coupons and Discount

Offer Coupons with percentage off, fixed value or hidden membership types via Your Members, allowing you to give affiliates, joint ventures or indeed friends special offers.

Pay Per Post and Pay Per Post Packs

The Ultimate flexibility Your Members allows admins to set a price on individual pages (per subscription type) meaning you can charge guests and one user account type but not another! Not only that but you can group posts together into a pack to provide a single payment to multiple posts. When combined with Drip feed it provides an excellent way to deliver courses, downloads or whitepapers.

Post Delay/Drip Feed

Post Delay allows you to delay access to a piece of content depending on the users account type from the moment of their subscription or purchase of a pack. Each post can individually be controlled for maximum flexibility. Slowly give Your Members content over time.

Other Membership Features

Your Members Features include:

Screencasts and Screenshots

Your Member welcome screen
Welcome Page
Your Members Access Control Screen
Access Control Settings

Your Members New Pay Per Post Management
Pay Per Post Management Screen

Full Membership site features

Subscriptions and Account Types

  • Create Unlimited Levels of Subscriptions.
  • Create Unlimited Account Types
  • Map Subscriptions to Wordpress Roles
  • Protect Previous Content from being shown to new users

Post Purchasing

  • Pay Per Post
  • Pay Per Group of Posts (called Pay Per Post Pack)
  • Limit Time to single post
  • Delay Posts being Seen till xx days after they are posted for certain account types.
  • Drip Feed Posts based on users start date (different rates per account type)
  • Restrict Content in post by account type, restrict portions of a post, restrict portions to members who have access to other posts, provide alternate content for those without access.
  • RSS content protected via token, or private content not fed into RSS without
  • Downloads, protect and restrict to certain account types or associations of posts

Access Control/Registration and Subscription Management

  • Multiple ways to protect content
  • Intergration into Wordpress Registration
  • Access Locked on non payment
  • Multi-page payment form
  • Coupons offering fixed, percentage and hidden subscriptions.
  • Increase or Decrease Price via Firesale facility changing the price of a subscription/post based on number of subscribers
  • Export Users via CSV
  • Manage users centrally

Payment Gateways

  • Paypal
  • Clickbank
  • WorldPay

Third Party Integration

  • API and Developer Hooks
  • Protect anything
  • Push data to 3rd Party systems, autoresponders, forums,video streaming facilities
  • Your Members provides API and Wordpress API level access to all its core code for Developers

Support from

  • Single License Holders – Forum
  • Developer License Holders – Forum, Email
  • Refunds 30 Days

Your Members Single License Edition

Your Members Single License is perfect for a single site, the license includes the software, documentation, and free support via our support forums. Each Single License receives free bug releases and security patches as well as discounts on future versions.

Buy Single License Now

Your Members Developers Edition

Unlimited number of Your Member Installs, complete access to the source code, Support via Email and via Forums as well as dedicated Developers forum. The developer edition is perfect for web developers who want to sell Membership sites, and is ready for their branding.

Buy Now

For more information on Licensing Your Members please see our Licensing FAQ

Single License Rebate

Single License users who later purchase a copy of the Developers Edition are entitled to claim the money spent on the Single License back this is normally $50, when you purchase your Developers copy make sure to read the read me for instructions. Please be aware you will need both transaction IDs and you must claim the rebate within 30 Days of your Developers Purchase.

Your Members MU License

Please be aware the normal version of Your Members does not currently work on Wordpress MU for information and licensing of Your Members MU please contact us directly at
Update: We are now accepting limited enrolment in the Your Members MU Partner Program.