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Your Minder Support

Extra support and information are available from:


Before you begin please make sure to backup your Wordpress Install!


Upload the YourMinder.php file to your Wordpress plugin folder this is normally wp-content/plugins/

Then visit wp-admin -> Plugins and select activate!
That’s it job done…

Wordpress MU Install

Please follow the standard Wordpress MU install instructions note only the primary blog admin needs install the plugin, we strongly recommend you use plugin commander to prevent accidental installs by other users.


admin interface to Your Minder

Your Minders Admin screens is located in wp-admin -> Your Minder the menu is located on the left handside naigation.

Settings Menu

  • Force Logout URL – This is the location the user will be sent when the lock out conditions are set (you will need to create this page in advance)
  • Lock Out Conditions – We recommend 2 IPs within 5 minutes though you can specify more or less, other common variations include: 3 IPs with 1440 minutes (3 IPs a day), 2 IPs with 60 minutes (2 IPs in an hour).
  • Lockout/Logout – Lockout requires user to meet further conditions before being allowed back in, logout simply removes the cookie from both users (sometimes referred to as soft lockout)
  • Locked Out Error – The message to show the user should they try to login again before the lockout conditions are met
  • Email or Timed Lockout – The condition the user must meet, either requiring the user to click a link on an email automatically sent them or the period of time they must wait before they can re-login.
  • Lockout Minutes – If timed condition is set number of minutes before the user can login
  • Email Subject – If Email condition is set the subject of the email (name is the default for the site)
  • Email Message – If Email condition is set then this field contains the email message along with a special code for inserting the activation link
  • Activation Redirection – The location the user is sent after a successful reactivation

Blocked IPs tab
Lists current IPs locked out by

  • IP

Each IP can be manually unlocked by Admin from the Blocked IP screen.

Blocked Members tab
Lists current users locked out by

  • Username
  • Email
  • Time they were locked out

Each user can be manually unlocked by Admin from the members screen.